Which type of protectors should I choose?

Wondering which option of protectors is the most suitable?

We suggest taking into account the child's age and individual needs, and you can perfectly match the colors with other children's textile products and the general interior of the room. We recommend choosing the STRAP AND CYLINDER while the child is still very small, it is also convenient if the edge of the crib is lowered and it is pushed to the parent's bed. The cylinder allows you to always see your baby, air circulates more freely. The tape covers one long and one short side of the bed. Cylinder as well.

TWO STRAPS perfectly meet the needs of an adult child, when you want the little one to feel safe while moving, playing and exploring the world. Two strips completely cover all sides of the crib.

When choosing ONE STRIP, you can tie it twice (add, for example), and you can find a wide variety of ways to use the CYLINDER.

Why did we IMPROVE crib protectors?

- They are much stronger: even after untying the laces, they retain their shape and fluffiness.

- Soft, but not thick, so the space in the crib is not reduced.

- Inside the protectors - a foam mattress, and for convenient care - a zipper at the bottom.

- Nice fastening with laces, pastel color palette, easy maintenance.

- We can sew protectors according to the individual dimensions of the bed. :)

Kokį apsaugėlių variantą pasirinkti?
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