How is muslin different from other fabrics?

We often hear the question, what makes muslin different from cotton or other fabrics, what makes it special?
First of all, it is a very light, soft and cozy cotton fabric, similar to gauze, but thicker and stronger than it.
🍃 The fabric is free of artificial additives, so it is especially suitable for use by babies and small children!
🍃 Suitable for sensitive skin.
🍃 Being breathable, it evaporates moisture well.
🍃Another advantage of muslin is easy care and resistance to washing: it does not wash out and becomes even softer and nicer after each wash;
🍃 Due to its properties and enchanting colors, muslin is irreplaceable in all seasons of the year when choosing rompers, diapers, covers, sleepers or bed covers.

If you appreciate naturalness and quality - muslin will enchant you!

Kuo muslinas skiriasi nuo kitų audinių?
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