Which blanket to choose?

Probably not a single baby has grown up without a cozy blanket, and its purpose is often very diverse:
serves as a blanket, can be spread or draped outside, covered in a stroller, crib, crib or crib.
But which one to choose? There is no one correct and universal answer. Our sincere advice is to choose the
which is sweetest to the eyes and heart, after all, not only the little one will enjoy the blanket, but also his closest people.
Although probably one blanket in the baby's crib will not be enough, but you can buy one for all occasions in life
not worth it. Take into account the time of year when the baby will be born, where and how you intend to use the blanket - these criteria
will help you find the most suitable option for you.
If you're looking for a versatile blanket, we 100% recommend it. MERINO WOOL BLANKET:
- Does not irritate a child's delicate skin
- Antiallergic, antibacterial
- Maintains optimal body temperature: it will warm you in cold weather, in hot weather - will not allow you to overheat
- Soft, cozy, convenient to use in a cradle, car seat, crib, stroller.
During the summer, a very popular knitted COTTON FLAT:
- soft and gentle, pleasant to the touch.
- In the warm season of the year, it will be an irreplaceable blanket when the child falls asleep outside or just wants to
cover up
- In winter, the blanket can be used at home to wrap the baby to make it cozier and warmer.
- The blanket is made of 100% cotton, perfect for the skin of newborns.
- Cotton warms, but at the same time allows the skin to breathe so that the child does not overheat.
The most loyal companion of the cold season is the DOUBLE-SIDED FLAT:
- The warmest in our assortment
- One side - fleece knit, the other - soft cotton
- Beautiful decoration of tassels or bubbles adds playfulness
- This is a blanket that will perfectly replace a blanket
The dreams of little ones and mothers are best fulfilled by the FLAT WITH DREAM BUBBLES:
- Massive and decorative - you won't go unnoticed
- Optimal composition for babies: 60 percent. wool, 40 percent acrylic - soft, warm, "does not bite" and
washes well
- Dream bubbles make dreams come true, you just need to choose how many you want - 4,
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