Moni.Pa - home of knitted and stitched feelings.

Our purpose - to create exclusive, natural and high-quality products that would warm, soothe and give a smile to you and your children!

Production - we create products from the highest quality threads and fabrics. We knit and sew: various children's blankets, decorative cushions, soft toys, weave pacifier holders, cot textiles - bedding, protectors, beds-nests. We carefully select and consider the details and functionality of the products we create. We want and strive for our products to be not only beautiful, but also practical and suitable for use for many years.


Our values

Responsible production - all our products are made in Lithuania, in small quantities, from quality and safe materials. We do not pollute the environment with unused products.
Responsible attitude - we respect the fragility of infancy, so we aim for our products to support quality growth.
Customer Relationship - it is one of our greatest values. We aim for not only our products to bring joy, but also for smooth and warm communication. Your opinion is very important to us - it helps us improve.
Always Your Moni.Pa 🤍🍃