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Muslin bunny blanket "Light brown with white dots"

Muslin bunny blanket "Light brown with white dots"

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A large number of babies feel safer, calm down faster and fall asleep easier when they have at least one sleeping partner. Mothers of babies notice that babies become friends with sleepers when they are about half a year old, and then the need to have such a soothing friend only increases - often they even take their children to the nursery.
And the best friends of little ones become those who are full of the smell of the closest people and home.
Muslin bunnies (50x26 cm):
- cozy and soft,
- durable fabric - will withstand the salivary tests of friendship
- safe to play
- beautiful knots, charming ears and a smile that invites you to play - the best way to explore the world, calm down while sleeping or traveling.
The rich palette of muslin colors gives you the opportunity to match the bedclothes with other bed textiles
products and general interior of the child's room.


- Natural fiber fabrics tend to shrink, so do not wash at high temperatures. Choose a water temperature of 30/40 degrees. In normal mode.
- It is not necessary to iron the muslin.

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...after all, you really want the heat to be gentle...
For everyone, but especially for our little ones

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